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I have been involved in many large scale construction projects over the years and bore witness to the unbelievable amount of high quality construction materials that end up as waste in the dumpster and on the way to the local landfill. I began retrieving some of these materials for use in home projects and have developed my own form of functional art pieces that I now offer to the public.  I know you will love these unique creations at your home as well.

I have several basic designs for use as outdoor (or indoor) furniture including side or end tables, pedestals, stools, mini-bars, even surf board stands.   The table tops are all one of a kind as I use scrapped high quality stone to puzzle together unique mosaics and can embed glass blocks into the top that can be illuminated from inside the table.

Due to the type of heavy duty materials, will last for many, many years (possibly hundreds of years). They are great for patio or pool furniture as they can with stand harsh environmental conditions.  They will never blow away in a storm. Your piece may be custom "sculpted" to your specific needs and taste.

Most of my pieces would be challenging to ship due to their size and weight (although where there is a will there is a way) so my clients typically arrange for local pickup / delivery.

I welcome landscape and interior designers

You can visit my studio to see my work by appointment.  I welcome landscape and interior designers as well as imaginative homeowners and  look forward to meeting you to discussing designs for your own furniture needs.


Joe Bryant

Owner, Creator